About the Greatest Podcast Ever

Pith and Piety is a Christian ecumenical podcast focusing on the Greater Lafayette, Indiana region. Each podcast we will bring in a local guest to discuss their ministries, organizations, and passions. This podcast will highlight what the Church is up to in Greater Lafayette and empower individuals to engage in ways that bring light into the world.


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Ryan W. Traeger

[Chaotic Good] Ryan Traeger was born and raised (a United Methodist) in Lafayette, Indiana.  At first he wanted to be Batman, but then thought maybe comedian sounded neat.  He earnestly pursued neither.  He has had stints at Purdue University, working in church supplies, youth ministry, bar-tending, and as a creative arts director.  Ryan is currently Associate Pastor at Grace United Methodist Church, working in the area of Discipleship and is currently enrolled in the United Methodist Course of Study (an extension of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary). Ryan enjoys creating graphics for Grace, being a sarcastic practitioner, defending an agnostic point of view, calling Wallace pretentious and Pauly smug, all the while knowing his exegetical techniques and epistemology are superior to their pedantic attempts in every way.  Ryan is married to Amber and has two daughters, Magnolia (Olie) and Genevieve (Viv).

Matt Wallace

[Neutral Good] Matt Wallace grew up near Ann Arbor Michigan in a little town called Dexter. Raised as a Free Methodist then Evangelical Covenant, Matt attended seminary at Denver Seminary and became an Anglican along with his wife Stacey. Wallace teaches Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue part time and does freelance motion graphics design while working also for Kinetic Creations out of Detroit/Atlanta. He sells some stuff he’s made on Etsy, he calls it Theologoodies. He lives in Lafayette with his wife Stacey and their daughter Melody.

Matt Pauly

[Lawful Good] Matthew R. Pauly (PaOWLY) was raised on a farm in rural Kansas. This permanent recurring guest who won’t leave, is a revert to the Roman Catholic faith; reverting at the same church where Thomas Merton converted in New York. His day job includes drawing tall building, holding an Master of Architecture from University of Kansas and an M.S. from Columbia University. He is a middle school catechist at Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception and holds a certificate of Youth Ministry from Franciscan University in Steubenville. His hobbies include drawing pictures of saints as comic book superheroes, playing video games, and writing copy in the third person. He lives in Lafayette, Indiana with his super smart wife Jessica A. Pauly and his daughter Frances Sophia (pictured).